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Job Title:  Senior Reactor Operator

Posting Date:  23-May-2023
Requisition ID:  1061
Company:  NAWAH

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

Employment Type:  Regular Employee
Seasonality Classification:  4 Unit Steady State

Job Purpose

Monitor and manipulate plant controls, and execute and provide assistance in leading the operation, maintenance and testing of the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) to achieve a high level of safety and reliability, in accordance with all operating procedures & policies, regulatory requirements, and nuclear, industrial, and environmental protection standards ensuring overall business performance objectives are achieved.

Key Activities, Responsibility & Accountability

Plant Operation
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Promptly notify management of conditions affecting the safe, reliable, and efficient operations of the unit, to ensure that incidents involving plant personnel or equipment are properly investigated, root causes identified, and corrective actions assigned and implemented.
•Assess and/or advise the operating crew on assessing plant conditions and implementing the appropriate actions to mitigate events and resolve issues.
•Administer appropriate controls and oversight of all activities affecting core reactivity to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
•Conduct operability assessments and determinations for safety related equipment to ensure safe plant operation.
•Execute and oversee all testing and maintenance activities including removing/restoring equipment from/to service to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
•Analyze plant equipment parameters/trends and direct prompt action to stabilize the plant to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
•Provide management and off-site notifications as necessary following plant transients or events to ensure a common understanding of circumstances across stakeholder groups.
•Provide pre-job briefings prior to plant activities including surveillances, maintenance activities/troubleshooting, special tests and infrequently performed evolutions to ensure safety and alignment around the desired outcomes and planned execution.
•Conduct comprehensive reviews of written records, logs, equipment, and control board information throughout the shift including turnovers to understand how plant equipment is performing.
•Comply with all plant policies & procedures, technical specification requirements, and sound operating practices to ensure safety and operational excellence.
•Monitor total plant impact of all work activities including out of service equipment to fully understand the complete impact to the plant throughout the shift.
•Enforce plant configuration control with required supporting documentation to ensure compliance.
•Manage operating staff workload and minimize distractions to the evolution in progress to ensure safe and efficient plant operation.
•Execute additional technical or administrative tasks as directed by the Shift Manager to support plant operations.

Personnel Development and Coaching
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Monitor and instruct Operations shift staff to improve overall crew and department performance.
•Implement plant management expectations to reinforce a culture of safety and operational excellence.
•Critically evaluate individual and crew performance to address the need for additional training or developmental opportunities.

Training and Qualification
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Comply with identified Initial and Requalification (Requal) training to obtain and maintain the required knowledge level, skills, and proficiency of a Federal Authority for Nuclear Regulation (FANR) Certified Senior Reactor Operator.
•Provide continuous improvement training feedback on program to enhance overall program effectiveness.

Outage and Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Support
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Support outage and/or the emergency response organization, as assigned, to ensure safe, reliable and continued operations; this may require shift work/off hours support.

The incumbent is expected to perform standard activities as per attachments 4 & 5 in the Job Description procedure (relating to Health, Safety and Environment, Security and Business Continuity, People Management, Excellence and Quality Management

Responsibilities & Accountabilities (contd.)


Professional Certifications


•Currently holds or previously held Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Senior Reactor Operator License/ Certification from a relevant nuclear regulatory authority.
•Hold an active FANR Senior Reactor Operator Certification.


•Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related Science, OR,
•High School Diploma and possess a previous RO or SRO certification.
•5 years of relevant experience.

•Over 5 years of nuclear power plant experience.
•6 months on-site experience at BNPP.