Senior Containment Specialist

Date: Feb 15, 2024

Location: Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

Company: Emirates Nuclear Energy Corporation

Job Purpose

Lead and monitor the preparation for and execution of all outage activities associated with in-containment work, including coordinating and monitoring communication between the outage control center (OCC), Operations, Maintenance, contractors, Radiation Safety, polar crane operators and the refuel team to ensure smooth flow of work, adherence to the critical path and strict focus on Nuclear and industrial safety in accordance to NAWAH standards and procedures.

Containment Outage Management
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Develop a plan for timely pre-outage establishment and post outage removal of infrastructure, equipment and waste to optimize setup and de-mobilization requirements for in-containment work.
•Monitor the availability of all infrastructure requirements (power, air, cooling, lighting, scaffolding, shielding) to ensure that when resources are ready to work, work can be performed.
•Ensure that personnel, materials, and equipment are staged appropriately so that critical path activities can begin with zero delay.
•Monitor and maintain overall containment cleanliness via approved Foreign Materials Exclusion (FME) programs throughout the containment open period to ensure successful FME inspection prior to closure.
•Liaise between all containment working departments, vendor organizations and the OCC as necessary to maintain schedule performance.
•Identify potential areas of schedule or performance risk in containment work to the Head of Containment and OCC manager so that mitigation strategies can be identified proactively.
•Ensure that personnel working in containment understand the overall OCC priorities and schedule expectations to minimize un-necessary delays.
•Ensure that the OCC is aware of the work progress status in-containment so that adjustments to the overall schedule can be made with as much advance notice as possible.
•Support the lessons learned activities to ensure continuous improvement in containment outage work management.

Outage and Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Support
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Support outage and/or the ERO, as assigned, to ensure safe, reliable and continued operations; this may require shift work/off hours support.

The incumbent is expected to perform standard activities as per attachments 4 & 5 in the Job Description procedure (relating to Health, Safety and Environment, Security and Business Continuity, People Management, Excellence and Quality Management




•High School Certificate.
•5 years of relevant experience.

•7 years of relevant experience, of which:
- 3 years in Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) Nuclear Power Plant experience at an operational site and or Advanced Pressurized-water Reactor APR-1400, Open Pool Reactor (OPR)-1000 or Combustion Engineering Nuclear Steam Supply System (CE NSSS) Design, Work Management or Outage Management experience, as applicable for position.