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Job Title:  Reactor Operator - Operations Support

Posting Date:  23-May-2023
Requisition ID:  1178
Company:  NAWAH

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

Employment Type:  Regular Employee
Seasonality Classification:  4 Unit Steady State

Job Purpose


Support on-shift operations in the preparation and execution of online and outage periods. Provide support to the SRO role. specifically for outage preparation, lead and own assigned PWR Owners group windows, to optimize activities in the schedule, and drive improvements. Develop and write clearances for both online and outage work. Provide guidance and provide oversite  to local operators. Coach and Mentor less experienced staff through the transfer of knowledge to ensure proficiency in operations required for online and outage.


Key Activities, Responsibility & Accountability

ns related to the effective planning for, and response to, incidents and/or business disruptions in order to continue critical business processes and activities with minimal adverse impact.



People Management

Responsibilities and Accountabilities 

• Contribute to the development of UAE National employees in a manner which supports the objectives of the corporation and its Emiratization strategy.

• Contribute to knowledge dissemination/sharing in a way that assists with building internal capabilities of UAE Nationals where applicable and maximize their effective performance.



Excellence and Quality Management

Responsibilities and Accountabilities: 

• Ensure commitment to a culture of continuous improvement by eliminating waste, following operations procedures, practicing innovation, problem solving, and teamwork; complying with Quality Management System policies and procedures; providing and receiving constructive feedback, and striving to meet quality standards and stakeholder expectations.

• Ensure commitment to the Nawah Fundamentals.


Responsibilities & Accountabilities (contd.)


Operations Support 

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:  

• Review notifications requiring plant shutdown and align to the relevant outage work window.

• Lead and own assigned PWR Owners group windows, to optimize activities in the schedule, and drive improvements.

• Schedule and support execution operations to make systems available and safe for outage work.

• Schedule and support execution plans for system return to service following outage work and to assist the on-shift operators with all relevant testing to ensure system operability/functionality

• Develop and implement equipment clearances in support of maintenance or testing.

• Provide guidance and support to Local Operators.

• Partake in and support to pre-job briefings prior to plant activities including surveillances, maintenance activities/troubleshooting, special tests and infrequently performed evolutions to ensure safety and alignment around the desired outcomes and planned execution.

• Follow plant procedures, technical specification requirements, sound operating practices, proper industrial safety, radiological protection, communications, and quality assurance practices to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.



Training and Qualification

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:

• Comply with identified Continuing training to obtain and maintain the required knowledge level, skills, and proficiency of a Local Operator, as required.

• Provide continuous improvement training feedback on program effectiveness to enhance overall program effectiveness.

• Coach and Mentor less experienced staff though the transfer of knowledge to provide proficiency in operations required for online and outage activities



Outage and Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Support

Responsibilities and Accountabilities: 

• Support outage and/or the emergency response organization, as assigned, to ensure safe, reliable and continued operations; this may require shift work/off hours support.



Health, Safety and Environment, Security and Business Continuity 

Responsibilities and Accountabilities: 

• All individuals take personal responsibility for safety; follow company HSE policies, procedures and instructions; avoid complacency and continuously challenge existing conditions and activities in order to identify discrepancies that might result in error or in appropriate action; report any situation that could present a hazard; not intentionally or recklessly interfere with or misuse anything provided at the workplace in the interest of health, safety, welfare or protection or management of the environment.

• Follow all relevant Security policies, processes, procedures, and instructions to ensure security compliance in all aspects of work, by applying them on self, others, and corporate assets.

• Follow all relevant Business Continuity and Resilience requirements for compliance with, and adherence to, policies, procedures and instructio

Professional Certifications

CertificateMin: Previously Certified or licensed Reactor operator from a relevant nuclear regulator or equivalent.

CertificateMax: • Currently holding or previously held FANR Reactor Operator Certificate at Barakah Nuclear site 


QualificationMin: • Bachelor’s Degree 

• 3 years of relevant experience.


Or equivalent as stated in the Job Description Procedure (HR-PRC-0004).


QualificationMax: • Over 3 years of nuclear power plant experience.

• 6 months on-site experience at BNPP.