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Job Title:  Local Operator

Posting Date:  23-May-2023
Requisition ID:  1143
Company:  NAWAH

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

Employment Type:  Regular Employee
Seasonality Classification:  4 Unit Steady State

Job Purpose

Monitor and manipulate power plant system and components under direction of the main control room operators utilizing approved procedures and instructions as per the regulatory requirements, operating policies and principles, nuclear standards for nuclear safety, industrial safety, and environmental protection to ensure overall business performance objectives are achieved.

Key Activities, Responsibility & Accountability

Local Operation
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Operate local plant systems in all modes of operation to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
•Perform according to operator guidelines in case of normal, abnormal and emergency conditions to ensure safety and operational excellence.
•Conduct a thorough inspection of all areas assigned within responsibilities at designated times to check that equipment is operating properly and standby equipment is fully capable of being operated.
•In responsible areas, note any deficiencies to ensure operations quality is maintained.
•Check equipment panel alarm light bulbs and annunciators to confirm satisfactory operation of visual and audible abnormal condition indicators.
•Monitor plant equipment to detect abnormal conditions or adverse trends and communicate the findings to Shift Supervisor.
•Report on and if applicable, conduct appropriate action to correct deficiencies noted during rounds to ensure compliance with operational requirements.
•Verify equipment deficiencies are filed in accordance with the plant maintenance work control system to ensure deficiencies are properly documented.
•Report promptly to control room operators any unusual or unexpected situations so that changing and abnormal conditions receive proper attention.
•Review key equipment parameters during rounds to identify and correct equipment performance problems based on trends.
•Check other indications, when unexpected instrument readings are observed, and promptly investigate the cause of abnormal or unexpected indications to take timely corrective action.
•Verify data necessary for an accurate history of plant operation is filed, to ensure actual operations performance is properly encapsulated in records.
•Conduct a comprehensive review of written records, logs, equipment information before taking turnover of shift position to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.
•Follow plant procedures, technical specification requirements, sound operating practices, proper industrial safety, radiological protection, communications, and quality assurance practices to ensure safe and reliable plant operation.

Staff Training and Qualification
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Participate in training to equip necessary technical knowledge and skills and successfully compete all required training courses for Local Operator.
•Provide training feedback on program effectiveness with evaluation of operator performance to enhance quality of training.

Outage and Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Support
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Support outage and/or the emergency response organization, as assigned, to ensure safe, reliable and continued operations; this may require shift work/off hours support.

The incumbent is expected to perform standard activities as per attachments 4 & 5 in the Job Description procedure (relating to Health, Safety and Environment, Security and Business Continuity, People Management, Excellence and Quality Management

Responsibilities & Accountabilities (contd.)


Professional Certifications




•High School Equivalent certification for completion of study in basic math, science and literacy skills or Higher Diploma for Nuclear Technology (HDNT).
•0 years of relevant experience.

•APR-140 or OPR-1000 work experience.
•6 months BNPP site experience.