Job Title:  Head of Component Engineering

Posting Date:  15 Sep 2023
Requisition ID:  1496
Company:  NAWAH

Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi, AE

Employment Type:  Regular Employee
Seasonality Classification:  4 Unit Steady State

Job Purpose

Lead the implementation of component engineering program activities through the planning, execution, and post close-out phases of component engineering activities (i.e., Mechanical, Electrical, or Instrumentation and Controls (I&C)) for the Barakah Nuclear Power Plant (BNPP) as per the regulatory requirements, operating policies and principles, nuclear standards for nuclear safety, industrial safety, and environmental protection, to ensure overall business performance objectives are achieved.

Key Activities, Responsibility & Accountability

Component Engineering
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Oversee and lead component engineering activities to increase reliability and performance, reduce operating and maintenance costs, and maintain compliance with plant design basis and regulatory requirements.
•Designate assignments for and oversee the provision of technical expertise during the identification, investigation, and resolution of off normal equipment conditions to ensure safe plant operations and preserve equipment design margins.
•Oversee and lead the monitoring, trending, and assessment of component performance using predictive maintenance technologies in improve equipment reliability.
•Participate in on-line work week meetings as required to provide input to component maintenance requirements and priorities.
•Designate assignments for and oversee the provision of technical support for complex trouble-shooting activities to facilitate successful completion.
•Lead support of long-term asset management strategies, initiates design changes, review failure analyses, and performs causal evaluations to improve plant operations.
•Lead support of major equipment maintenance window development to ensure that Outage Management receives the input it requires.
•Monitor, lead, and critically evaluate the sections efforts to manage the preventative maintenance basis for components and optimize the program based on as-found conditions to make best use of Nawah resources and promote plant reliability.
•Oversee analysis to determine whether components meet or exceed all regulatory requirements and achieve/approach industry best practices to enhance plant reliability.
•Oversee responses, to management inquiries, to key stakeholders, to audits, and to reviews so that communication can be accurate and timely.
•Review prioritization to work backlog to ensure optimization of maintenance resources in component work.
•Lead the assessment and update of maintenance of component health plans to drive component health and improvements effectively.
•Monitor the implementation of equipment reliability initiatives including motivating the correct behaviors to promote results-oriented equipment reliability and to support plant outages.
•Validate updates to the equipment master database (creation/modification/deletion of equipment master information) through the overseeing activities including:
- Review of documents prepared by the maintenance team or the system engineering team.
- Register equipment master in Operating Management System (OMS).
- Monitor notification to the maintenance team of the results of equipment master changes.
- Conduct periodic adequacy checks of station equipment master and issue of notification of improper operation for inadequate items.
- Review of station equipment master and changes in function location at least once every quarter.
•Lead the final investment decision (FID) process to facilitate obtaining new equipment, through:
- Leading requests deciding functional significance from the system engineering team.
- Validating significance determination prepared by system engineering.
- Leading submittals to Plant Health Committee (PHC) for equipment which received critical FID A/B testing phases in significance after evaluation to gain approval.
•Lead inspection and evaluation of assigned components etc.during outages to identify condition and issues.
•Lead engineering staff oversight on maintenance activities performed by contractors, when necessary, to ensure proper use of appropriate procedures.
•Prepare for World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) pre-start up peer ensure effective communication.

Responsibilities & Accountabilities (contd.)

•Validate section input to procedure revisions to ensure accurate and up-to-date instructions for operations, maintenance and engineering personnel.

Outage and Emergency Response Organization (ERO) Support
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Support outage and/or the emergency response organization, as assigned, to ensure safe, reliable and continued operations; this may require shift work/ off hours support.

Staff Training and Qualification
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Provide training feedback on program effectiveness with evaluation of operator performance to enhance training and qualification program quality.

Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Prepare and consolidate the Section's budget and monitor financial performance during the year.

Operational Planning
Responsibilities and Accountabilities:
•Provide input into the development of the Department's systems and processes, as well develop and implement the Section's procedures, identifying opportunities for the continuous improvement of practices to increase productivity and operational efficiency.
•Monitor, control and report Operational and financial Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to the Section, to track performance and recommend corrective or mitigating actions.
•Ensure that all relative reports are prepared timely and accurately, to meet the Section's requirements and standards.

The incumbent is expected to perform standard activities as per attachments 4 & 5 in the Job Description procedure (relating to Health, Safety and Environment, Security and Business Continuity, People Management, Excellence and Quality Management

Professional Certifications




•Bachelor's Degree in Engineering or related Science.
•7 years of relevant experience, out of which:
- 1 year in a nuclear power plant engineering.

•Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical, Electrical, or Electronic Engineering.
•APR-1400 or OPR-1000 maintenance and engineering experience.